Another lovely night at our produce lair: We ate a good meal and embarked on a bunch of diverse projects. Dinner was my old standby, and long time favorite, beans and greens and cornbread.

This is what the food looked like after we ate everything.

Seguing right from dinner, Rachel continued honing her textile skills, this week working on embroidery.


Fernando sort of takes a break from sharpening his kitchen knives to show off the hacker approved way to watch Al Jazeera - streamed onto his Raspberry Pi powered media box of course!

Is this what corporate media means when they refer to Media Pirates? Yarrr.

Colin, continuing his Espresso Machine Odyssey, disassembled the paneling with the intention of having it powder coated.

Anyone know a good local powder coater?

One screw in the base of the espresso machine was particularly hard to get at and super rusted. Being knowledgeable mechanics who didn’t want to strip this screw, we employed an impact driver. However, the screw was so rusted, and the impact driver was so cheap, that it sheared off our driver bit, lodging it into the screw, and rendered the screw completely useless and utterly stuck.

That shiny metal in the screw head is the back end of our freshly shorn off driver bit. Note that the screw is not stripped. Boo-ya!!! 👍👍👍😎

Embarking on a very ambitious project, these folks are working on building their very own PCR machine - one component of DNA sequencing.

Obligatory arduino shot - one component in the PCR machine.

Drew joined us and had a really productive night disassembling and cleaning his multiple firearms.

Democratic ballot included to emphasize Drew's nuanced world view. Enjoy it while you can Drew!
For future reference, we now officially ban firearms, unless you 3D print them like this guy.

Towards the end of the night, some weary hackers refreshed themselves at the Produce Labs Spa & Swim Club - just one of the many amenities available to members.

Don't miss out. Bring your trunks next time!