Continuing our ruthless War on Pizza, dinner was lentils and stewed tomatoes, roasted vegetables, and kale grapefruit salad. Sound too healthy? Scroll on my friend.

Doug is taking a Machine Learning course through Coursera. Fernando waxed nostalgic on Octave the software libre numerical computing platform.

Doug and Fernando dive into Machine Learning.

Rachel, continuing her needlework, endeavored to make the cutest birthday card ever. Sadly no photo is available at this time.

Fernando dumpster dove a LCD monitor, googled the model, and found that they often suffer from blown capacitors. He and Michael took it apart and inspected for bad capacitors. If your capacitor is bulging, it’s a good sign that it’s done for. You can’t easily test the capacitance while it’s in the circuit, so we desoldered and tested the bulging ones. We found they were either totally dead, or way under spec. Ordering a new set of capacitors was a whopping $6. The should arrive before next hack night. We’ll see if it worked!

Bulging is a sure sign of a bad capacitor.

As alluded to in the intro, Hazel had a real crowd pleasing project.

Hazel swears by her gal Irma's recipe.
Irma Rombauer, author of The Joy of Cooking.